Heckuva Job, Johnny!


So, all during the GOP nomination race, I was congratulating John McCain for taking a sane approach to the constitutional limits on the presidency, something he’s done pretty consistently in the Senate, and continued to do during the nomination fight.


Turns out John’s not so much a maverick from the GOP as a toady to the worst in it.  Turns out he’s not so much a straight-talker as a flip-flopper — a man who was for the Constitution before he was against it.  It’s not so much that he knows his principles and sticks to them as that he desperately, desperately wants to be president.


9 Responses to “Heckuva Job, Johnny!”

  1. michaellasley Says:

    I saw this yesterday and immediately thought of you.

  2. urbino Says:

    Yeah, I’m predictable that way. What of it, beach boy?

  3. michaellasley Says:

    oh now….i didn’t mean it in a bad way. i just thought of one of your big issues this election.

    it’s FINALLY getting warm enough to enjoy the beach. it’s been in the high 60s / low 70s for the past three weeks. i almost lost my tan. i was beginning to look like someone from kansas. but this weekend, i’ll begin to look californian again.

  4. urbino Says:

    It’s been up in the 100s already, somewhere in Cali, hasn’t it?

    It’s 90 and soupy, here.

  5. michaellasley Says:

    it was actually really hot in early May — it might have gotten to 100 a couple of days. then it cooled off and has been autumn-like for the past month-ish. which i like. low 80s the rest of the week / weekend. which is about normal for June.

  6. alsturgeon Says:

    59 days, and I’m headed your way.

  7. michaellasley Says:

    all you need to pack in the uhaul is: 1) a couple of changes of clothes; 2) one or two really big books; 3) a blanket or two; 4) sunscreen; 5) a peaceful state of mind.

  8. alsturgeon Says:

    Should I bring cash?

  9. michaellasley Says:

    naw….you’re going to law school. during orientation, they teach you how to steal without getting caught.

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