Now I’m the Bitter One


Well, I thought we had almost made it to the finish line, but now there’s a new Obama controversy that the press has really globbed onto.  What I can’t understand is why his response hasn’t been to clarify what he really meant, which is not that people cling to guns and religion themselves as a reaction to hard economic times, but that they cling to them as political issues, inflating their relative importance in elections, while ignoring the economic issues that are the true root of their negative feelings.  You know, what’s the matter with Kansas and all that.  Perhaps it was decided that telling people of their own false consciousness is somehow “patronizing,” to use Hillary’s term.  But it seems to me that letting people believe that the remark had the meaning that most are now ascribing to it is worse.


3 Responses to “Now I’m the Bitter One”

  1. DeJon05 Says:

    Yeah, this snafu may not cause the uproar of Rev. Wright, but the timing couldn’t be worse.

  2. urbino Says:

    On the other hand, I think Josh Marshall makes a good point that what we’re hearing primarily is a bunch of wealthy pundits in NYC and DC, telling us how offended poor rural and small-town voters in middle America will be.

    Meanwhile, the reaction from actual poor rural and small-town voters in middle America seems pretty cagey and subdued. In particular, a lot of Pennsylvanians seem to be at least as exasperated by the attempts to make political hay out of this as they are by what Obama said. (That’s judging by comments and emails I’ve read from PA residents on various sites, reaction in PA newspapers, and some firsthand reports from reporters actually in PA. I’m not aware of any polling data on this, yet.)

    Here’s Obama’s rather effective response to it all at a rally in PA:–1.html

    And here’s an interview Obama did with Charlie Rose in 2004, in which he says exactly the same thing, but his point is much clearer:

  3. urbino Says:

    The latest Gallup nat’l poll shows Obama’s lead has actually increased since the “bitter” business.

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