When You Get Kristol and Kristof Confused …


You’re reading an op-ed column about the November election and how tough McCain’s gonna have it (uh-huh, right, whatever, we’ll see about that), and then you come upon the following sentence:

“He could persuade the most impressive conservative in American public life, Clarence Thomas, to join the ticket.”

What?  Who?  ….. WHAT?!?!?!? 

I went back and reread it about five times before I realized that he was serious. 

Because I have a sizable backlog of New Yorkers stacked up knee-high that dates back to when my son was born, I just this morning on the train read a withering review of that Justice’s (and I use the term loosely) memoir, which apparently is as confused, self-hating, and self-contradictory as the man himself. 

The most impressive conservative in public life?  Really??  I thought conservatives were against affirmative action.  But a positive appraisal of Clarence Thomas, I submit, can result from nothing else.


6 Responses to “When You Get Kristol and Kristof Confused …”

  1. DeJon Says:

    Interesting indeed. I was curious enough to seek out the context, and I’ll be dipped if the statement isn’t as straight-forward as can be.

    Shirley, he can’t be serious!

  2. captmidknight Says:

    Mismiranda said:

    “He could persuade the most impressive conservative in American public life, Clarence Thomas, to join the ticket.”
    What? Who? ….. WHAT?!?!?!?
    I went back and reread it about five times before I realized that he was serious.
    Like Dejon, I went back and examined the context, just to be sure. Yep. He’s serious.
    In reading the article, I found that I agree with most of Kristol’s assessment of the Republican’s situation going into the November election. I think he’s right about the prevailing mood of the country and right in saying that the current fight within the Democratic Party won’t prevent them from uniting behind whoever comes out on top. He may even be right in saying that McCain’s best hope is in being “creative” in his selection of a running mate. Suggesting that Thomas would be a good choice, being “the most impressive Conservative in American public life,” however, makes me wonder what Mr. Kristol has been smoking.

    McCain certainly needs to make an inspired pick for his running mate to have any chance to win, IMHO, but I don’t see how Thomas could possibly bring any strength to the ticket.

    BTW, I recently picked up a book by Randall Kennedy, a Black law professor at Harvard, titled “Sellout: The Politics of Racial Betrayal.” Kennedy examines the uses of the claims of racial betrayal, and tries to differentiate legitimate claims from claims used by groups and individuals simply to discredit those with whom they happen to disagree. Like the term “Racist,” the term “Sellout” is used by some to label others as though once the label is put on it automatically voids their arguments – How could a “Sellout” or a “Racist” be right about anything?

    I only mention the book because Randall has a long section on Clarence Thomas and whether he is really is a “Sellout” or “Race Traitor” or whether he simply has what he (Thomas) feels are legitimate opinions that may Blacks disagree with – and which Randall, by the way, feels are in error. For those of you legal scholars, it might be interesting to see Thomas’ legal reasoning (or lack of same) examined by a Black legal scholar.

    Bottom line: Regardless of what the polls say – some show McCain running ahead of Hillary nationally and only slightly behind Obama – it’s going to be an uphill fight for the GOP this year, regardless of who is the VP pick.
    It’s still a long time until November, though, and who knows what may happen? By late October, the average voter will probably have completely forgotten what happened way back in February and March.
    Still have to put my money on the Dems to sweep in November, though.

  3. urbino Says:

    Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me if Kristof had said it.

  4. DeJon Says:

    The best VP McCain can hope for and IMO truly the most impressive conservative in American public life…

    Colin Powell

  5. urbino Says:

    I don’t think Powell’s much interested in another tour in the WH, especially not as Veep to somebody who supports an indefinite commitment to the Iraq War.

    I also think he burned a lot of his cred on his first WH tour. He wouldn’t be nearly as big a boost to the ticket as he would’ve been in 2000. Plus, the GOP base hates him, and McCain already has enough trouble with them.

  6. DeJon Says:

    I think you’re right on all counts, JU. And I also think its a doggone shame.

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