CNN: I Can Haz Special Pleading


For the record: CNN has stopped trying.

I’m sitting here listening to their coverage of tonight’s debate, and it couldn’t be more clear that Paul Begala has dropped all pretense of being an analyst, in favor of simply advocating for Hillary. Earlier in the campaign, CNN had, under pressure, briefly banned both Begala and Carville, along with others, from covering the primaries because they were so closely associated with particular candidates. I’m not sure when they dropped the ban, or why, but it was too soon.

BTW, I’ve noticed over the months that Begala consistently refers to Barack Obama by his first name. So far as I’m aware, he’s the only person in the known world who does so. Is it a subtle attempt to prevent Obama from getting some slight advantage from the fact that Ms. Clinton is referred to by her first name?

At this moment, CNN is running a report about whether or not both Democratic candidates were wrong when they said the surge in Iraq is not working. To whom did they turn to decide the issue? Michael O’Hanlon. If you’re not aware of O’Hanlon’s record, he was a very vocal advocate for invading Iraq in the first place, and was very vocal again on behalf of the surge. Care to guess whether he thinks the surge is working?


5 Responses to “CNN: I Can Haz Special Pleading”

  1. DeJon Says:

    Concur. Begala is transparent and insufferable.

  2. Michael Lasley Says:

    I think Anderson Cooper even referred to Begala as a Clinton supporter. On Cooper’s show, they had Begala for Clinton and another guy for Obama. So they weren’t even trying NOT to be unbiased. But that might not be the show you’re referring to.

  3. urbino Says:

    No, Cooper’s show was what I was watching. He does occasionally identify Begala as a Clinton supporter, but only occasionally.

  4. Michael Lasley Says:

    That was the first time I’d ever watched his show, and it was only because I was a captive audience. I literally had nothing else to watch and had nothing else to do and no way to NOT watch it (stuck in an emergency room waiting room because one of my roommates can’t climb mountains like he could when he was 20). It’s quite an unenjoyable and uninformative piece of programming.

  5. DeJon Says:

    Since I usually begrudgingly choose CNN when picking my cable news, I enjoyed stumbling on Chez Pazienza’s story.

    A mid-level CNN producer fired for blogging picks up axe, and grinds vociferously.

    You may enjoy his writing at

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