Clearing the Decks


This is neither here nor there, really, but I wanted to get my prediction on the record.

On his blog, conservative Andrew Sullivan has been critical of John McCain throughout the primaries, and falling all over himself with praise for Barack Obama.  Last week, he was off for vacation.  Since coming back, he has, IMO, been clearing the decks to shift from Obama to McCain in the general.  I think he realized during his time off that he’s gotten himself too far out of sync with his political base, and is now working on finding his way back into the fold.

And in other conservative news, it looks like McCain has stuck his foot in it, again, with the talk-radio conservatives.  Bill Cunningham, who I gather is a prominent member of that set, appeared at a McCain rally and made some remarks about Barack Obama that McCain then criticized and apologized for.  Cunningham is now saying on his radio show that he no longer supports McCain.  From speaking at his rally to denouncing him on the radio in a matter of hours: that’s got to be some kind of a record.

Will this linger and hurt McCain among the already less-than-thrilled GOP base?  I have no idea.  Anybody else have one?


4 Responses to “Clearing the Decks”

  1. ari Says:

    I’ve noticed the same thing. He also made a big deal about Obama’s response to the horrifying Russert’s question about Farrakhan (sp? too lazy to look) tonight. Which I thought, given the circumstances (ugly, ugly question), Obama handled just fine. With humor even. Anyway, Sullivan’s the kind of guy I want to like: smart, willing to consider views opposite his own, critical of the right. But in the end, he’s a repulsive corporate whore. And, in fairness, he’s always loved McCain. But I would have thought the torture flip-flop would have been enough to sour Sullivan on the Maverick. Oh well.

  2. urbino Says:

    You read Sullivan?

    He definitely didn’t appreciate the torture flip-flop, as I recall, but I think he just can’t go so far as actually supporting a Dem in the general. That could hit him in the pocketbook.

    My first hint that he was trying to find his way back to McCain was when he posted about how he’d realized during his vaycay that, doggone it, it really IS reasonable to oppose withdrawing from Iraq, after all. (This after posting for months about how getting out was the only thing we could do.)

  3. ari Says:

    I used to. Then, after the whole return-of-the-scientific-racism thing, I stopped. But then I started again. Now I do sometimes. But not often. His tone on Hillary is so, um, what’s the word?, crazed. It makes me too nervous for me to spend much time at his site.

  4. ari Says:

    Wow. That’s so horribly written, I might cry. Okay, off to sleep. The cough syrup seems to have kicked in. Time to get offline and hide under the covers.

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