What Is to Come


Now that we have (nearly) slew the dragon lady, Glenn Greenwald (who is all that and a side of okra) gives us a little preview of what we’ll face this summer and fall.  It’s been easy to forget how ugly it all gets, but there has been foreshadowing, and who among us can forget the examples he cites from previous years?  Sigh.


One Response to “What Is to Come”

  1. urbino Says:

    Greenwald has a keen eye for the issues that matter, but he’s such a bad writer, it’s hard to read him.

    I think he’s right about the kinds of attacks we’ll see this fall. Unfortunately, I think he’s wrong that they’ve been out of sight up to now. The “secret Muslim” and “anti-Israel” mass emails and snail-mails have been making the rounds for months; some of them from Clinton supporters, some from the usual sources. And, of course, we’ve had some race-baiting (though, admittedly, it was briefer than what’s likely this fall). Greenwald is right, though, that the Schiffren article introduced a new wrinkle — or, actually, an incredibly old one that National Review just can’t seem to let go: “The Reds are coming! The Blacks are coming! The red Blacks are coming!”

    Welcome back to 1955, America! Enjoy the polio!

    BTW, Hillary doesn’t seem to be planning on going away just yet. Apparently, her strategy now hinges entirely on getting the FL and MI delegates counted, and she intends to force the issue. It seems they really are going to go through with it, regardless of damage to the party.

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