Don’t Stop Thinking About Morality


I guess it’s never too late for someone you used to like and respect to disappoint you.

Now, I’ve been saying since the idea first surfaced, perhaps seven or eight years ago, that there’s no way in hell that Hillary Clinton would ever be elected president of the United States. Look at the electoral college map. Ain’t gonna happen.

And that was why I never intended to support her candidacy or vote for her in the primary. But I figured that if the Democrats were so stupid as to nominate her, I would still vote for her even though I knew she wouldn’t win.

Now I’m not sure I could do that.

It started with South Carolina. Using racism as a political tactic is something Republicans do, and they do it very well — the Willie Horton ad from 1988, the “hands” ad that helped get Jesse Helms reelected, the Harold Ford ad from 2006, to name a few examples. It makes me sick that the Clintons would stoop that low. I expected better. It is pretty much unforgivable in my book. Even though it didn’t work.

But I think I am almost as riled about the Michigan and Florida delegate situation as I am about the racism. It’s just so … scurvy, to try to have these delegates seated just because she won more votes in those states (where there were no campaigns), because we all know that if Barack had won them she’d be leading the charge to play by the rules. Keeping her name on the ballot in Michigan and saying it didn’t matter because it wouldn’t count anyway. You know, as if she was planning to cheat from the beginning. This is disgusting to me.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, yesterday we have the “plagiarism” charge against Senator Obama. I was like, Christ, is that all you can come up with? It was cheap, sad, and desperate. I wondered how many of her people were sitting in a room combing through all his speeches, not to mention his garbage, to try to come up with something, anything, against him. This is politics at its worst.

So I’m thinking now something I never thought I would even consider. If Hillary gets the nomination, I may not vote for president. Despite everything that’s at stake, I’m not sure I can support someone who would conduct herself this way, someone to whom winning is more important than living by the principles she espouses.

Am I wrong for thinking this way? Or am I just finally seeing the light about the Clintons?


9 Responses to “Don’t Stop Thinking About Morality”

  1. ari Says:

    I don’t know the Clintons. And I can’t see into a person’s soul by gazing into their, as President Bush did with Vlad Putin. So I really don’t know if this is who she is. I suspect not, to be honest. But I think politics is a very rough business, especially in the Clinton household, where years of attacks have left deep scars.

    That said, I’m with you. I love the idea of having a woman serve as president of this nation. And while I’ve been for Obama from the get-go (long story why), I’ve always been willing to throw my support to Hillary. Willing, that is, until South Carolina, which sickened me. Then I rationalized her behavior by saying that it mostly wasn’t her but Bill who had been so awful. It’s hard to make the same case about the delegates, though, as this is her campaign. She runs it. The buck stops with her. And so, if she wins by seating the Michigan and Florida delegates, I don’t know that I’ll vote for her. But I probably still will, as the Supreme Court matters too much. And I really would prefer to avoid another war of choice.

  2. ari Says:

    Sorry that went up twice. Please delete one. Or both. As you wish.

  3. urbino Says:

    Done, Westley.

  4. captmidknight Says:

    “Am I wrong for thinking this way? Or am I just finally seeing the light about the Clintons?”
    As you can probably guess, I would be in the group that would say that you are finally seeing the light, although saying it doesn’t give me a lot of joy. It’s always sad when someone you believe in disappoints you.

    As for me, I’ve read too much and, having deep Arkansas roots, heard too much from people in a position to know to have any illusions about the Clintons. Although I disagree with them on several issues, with me its really less a political and more of a personal thing. I disagree with other folks about many things, but I still like and respect them. With the Clintons, it’s more visceral. I can honestly say that even if Bill and Hillary were much closer to my area of the political spectrum – and sometimes I wonder exactly where that is – I still don’t think I could trust them.

    The fact that there are people like you who agree with them politically and were once supporters, but now have problems with how they are conduction themselves and their campaign tells me that my own feelings aren’t all just petty personal or political prejudice. There really seems to be something in the personalities and characters of these two people that gives folks on both sides of the political spectrum pause.

    Finally, I don’t mean to lump them together. Bill and Hillary are two very different people. For better or worse, the Era of Bill is behind us. It’s the idea of an Era of Hillary that gives me the shakes. Many of the pundits are saying that the Texas and Ohio primaries could knock her out. Maybe so, but if it stays close enough to come down to last minute backroom deals at the convention, don’t ever count her out. She know that this is her best shot at being president, and she won’t go quietly, whatever the effect on the party’s chances in November.

    I’m actually pretty conflicted. I’d rather see Obama as the Democratic candidate even though I think McCain would have a better chance against Hillary. Having said that, I have mixed feelings about McCain too. Not a great selection of candidates for me this election.

    Thanks for the post.

  5. urbino Says:

    I hear you, miranda; although, for my money, the South Carolina stuff was much worse than the MI/FL stuff. The latter is, as you said, scurvy, but it’s the kind of scurvy gamesmanship I expect from all politicians in an election cycle. (Ah, the blessings of low expectations.) The SC stuff is — with apologies where appropriate — the kind of stuff I’ve come to expect from GOP politicians. That’s one of the key areas where the Dems are supposed to be better than the GOP. So it was pretty infuriating when Bill rolled it out. (OTOH, it was quite encouraging that it fell flatter than hammered sh*t among Dem voters.)

    All that said, I’m with Westley Ari. The next 4 yrs. will be critical for the SCOTUS.

  6. alsturgeon Says:

    I’m with Ari.

  7. DeJon Says:

    It is quite refreshing to read the opinions shared here. They are an excellent barometer of my sanity… at least when it comes to how I think of politicians.

    And furthermore, I’ve found heartening Sen. Obama’s chosen response to the Clinton Campaign’s laundry list of egregious actions. He appears to me to be above it.

  8. urbino Says:

    They are an excellent barometer of my sanity…

    That’s the most troubling thing I’ve ever read on the internets.

  9. msmiranda Says:

    I guess I should amend my post to say that if Hillary were to get the nomination, and the polls showed that there was an actual contest between her and McCain (which I do not expect will happen — I’m thinking it’ll be more like a Bush/Dukakis or Reagan/Mondale-type landslide, but perhaps I’m being overly pessimistic), then I would vote for her ONLY because of the courts. I would be holding my nose, but I would do it.

    But I think the only way we can win in November is if Obama pulls it out in Texas and Ohio to become the clear frontrunner. I would hope that she would have the decency to exit gracefully at that point. Although given the events of the past month or two, I don’t hold out much hope for that. A close race that gets decided at the convention by superdelegates, ghost delegates, and the perception of a smoke-filled room is nothing but bad for us. As power-hungry as they are, they have to know it would kill any chance she might have in November. That they’d be willing to fight for a hollow nomination anyway would be the final nail in the coffin for me.

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