Resolutions, Schmesolutions


In the spirit of the new year, I’m sharing the words of one of my favorite musicians, Jamie Cullum. For what it’s worth, my resolutions are to get 8 hours of sleep a night (although I’ve yet to do that in 2008), try out for a play, talk to my niece at least once a week, and buy some clothes (I have an anti-shopping problem). And now…here’s Jamie.

Next Year,
Things are gonna change,
Gonna drink less beer
And start all over again
Gonna pull up my socks
Gonna clean my shower
Not gonna live by the clock
But get up at a decent hour
Gonna read more books
Gonna keep up with the news
Gonna learn how to cook
And spend less money on shoes
Pay my bills on time
File my mail away, everyday
Only drink the finest wine
And call my Gran every Sunday
Well Baby they come and go
Will I do any of these things?
The answer’s probably no
But if there’s one thing, I must do,
Despite my greatest fears
I’m gonna say to you
How I’ve felt all of these years
Next Year

Happy 2008, Hippos!


9 Responses to “Resolutions, Schmesolutions”

  1. alsturgeon Says:

    Great post, Mrs. Peacock!!!

    Here’s mine:

    #1: Start blogging on my personal blog every day again (much to the delight of my grandmother-in-law)

    #2: Try to take pictures every day again (which I’ll be very thankful for once we move)

    #3: Eat less (the exercise habit stuck in ’07, now on to the diet part)

    #4: Challenge my church to be the friendliest church in town

    #5: Thanks to my GREAT friend, DeJon… Go to the BCS National Championship Game!!! (#16 on my “things to do before I die” list)

    #6: Thanks to my GREAT friend, David… Publish a photography book called, My Ocean Springs (#17 on my “things to do before I die” list)

    #7: Meet Jimmy Carter when our affiliate hosts the Jimmy Carter Work Project in May (#18 on the list)

    #8: Go to Law School (#19 on the list)

    #9: Make new friends in a new hometown

    #10: Make excellent grades my first law school semester!!!

  2. michaellasley Says:

    al — you need to add: “jog every morning with pam anderson” to your list. i mean, that’s just a suggestion…

  3. alsturgeon Says:

    You mean you’ll share?

  4. mrspeacock Says:

    What is it with men and Pamela Anderson? Oh, wait. I think I know.

    Al – Congrats on crossing off #’s 16-19 on your Before Death List! I went through a phase about a year ago where I started taking a picture a day. I don’t do the “every day” thing anymore, but I always have a camera with me.

  5. alsturgeon Says:

    My picture from today is on my personal blog (, and it’s of my daughter with her new contact lenses. I’ve also updated my law school search process there in case anyone is interested.

  6. urbino Says:

    What is it with men and Pamela Anderson?

    What is it with Pamela Anderson and men?

  7. urbino Says:

    You’re really much too organized, Al.

  8. alsturgeon Says:

    Yeah, tell me about it. 🙂

  9. alsturgeon Says:

    All compensated by my good looks, though.

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