You Voted For Who? WTF?


I had a through-the-looking-glass experience last night, y’all. I was reading some old posts from a blog I’ve recently discovered, and it happened.

I came to this blog by way of other blogs who link to her, and I read some of her recent posts, and one in particular made me feel a real kinship with her. I’m always looking for like-minded bloggers — it seems so much more enjoyable to spend my free moments reading about someone else’s kid than about war or poverty — so I bookmarked her. Then last night I went back to the beginning of her blog to catch up, and I ended up staring at the screen, dumbfounded.

This loving, compassionate, articulate woman who wrote so eloquently about why it’s wrong to let your child cry … voted for Bush. Not only that, but she is devoutly Catholic, anti-choice, and did I mention religious?

I know you’re probably all having a big, hearty horse laugh at me right now for being so narrow-minded as to think I could have nothing in common with someone whose politics are different from mine. What can I say, I’ve been running in pretty homogeneous circles of late, not to mention that numerically speaking, most of the conservatives I’ve met have been lacking in both the compassion and intelligence departments.

But once I thought about it for a minute, I realized that this blog experience dovetails perfectly with what I’ve been in the process of learning since I started law school about people who, on paper, share my basic world view. Not to put too fine a point on it, they are not always nice people. In fact, sometimes they are kind of cold, and heartless, and don’t at all treat people in ways that their beliefs indicate that they should. They are sometimes narcissists, put their careers before their loved ones, buy into hierarchies based on class privilege, and are judgmental as all get out. They are not always people with whom I feel any connection at all, and sometimes I find them downright repugnant.

Then there are people like this blogger who are more like me than I ever would have imagined.

What? You mean I actually have to evaluate people as individuals? My shortcuts don’t really work? Oy.

It took me 32 years, two degrees, three jobs, a husband, a baby, and a blog to learn that things aren’t as black and white as they seem. Better late than never?

P.S.  Lest anyone take this too literally, please note that I am making fun of myself.

5 Responses to “You Voted For Who? WTF?”

  1. alsturgeon Says:

    LOL!!! I couldn’t help thinking I must be reading my hero, Anne Lamott!!! 🙂

  2. urbino Says:

    I think what you’re experiencing is more common among devout Catholics than any other group, Miranda. Unlike everybody else who claims the label, Catholics really are pro-life: anti-abortion, but also anti-capital punishment, pro-human rights, pro-social justice, etc. Well, Catholicism is, anyway.

  3. Arwen Says:

    Wait. What? This post is all wrong. Everyone knows that *conservatives* are narrow-minded people who stereotype others based on their political views and religious beliefs. *Liberals* are the open-minded people who eschew stereotypes and love each person as an individual, regardless of the person’s ideologies.


    Really now, this post made me smile, and not just because you said nice things about me. It’s certainly not the first post I’ve read of its kind since I started blogging three years ago. I feel abundantly privileged to have had the chance to be a challenge to others’ stereotypes, while at the same time having many of my own ideas exposed for what they were: overly simplistic and (gasp!) judgmental.

    I think it’s the beauty of the medium: when I’m reading someone else’s blog, I’m forced to shut up and listen, and what I discover time and again is that people are basically well-motivated and have good hearts, and even if they’ve come to completely different conclusions than I have about life and what it means, I can respect and love them as persons because I understand them in a way that I’d never have gotten a chance to do if I hadn’t heard (read) them out. Through blogging and reading blogs I’ve learned that although I have *everything* in common with no one, I have *something* in common with everyone. And that is a remarkably enriching realization.

    Thanks for the post! I’ll definitely be back. 🙂

  4. urbino Says:

    Welcome, Arwen!

  5. michaellasley Says:

    great post, miranda. it’s refreshing to hear, actually. that the way we think about others (as narrow-minded or whatever) might actually define how we actually think more so than how they actually think. i’m glad you were willing to share with us. i’m way guilty of it. i still try not to talk with anyone who voted for bush. but i’ll work on it.

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