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Fill ‘er up with H2

December 14, 2007

For the environmentally aware among us, I just saw on AOL News that Honda is going to offer for lease ($600/mo) next year a car that is powered by fuel cells, requiring only hydrogen as a fuel. They recently test drove it from Santa Monica out to Malibu, but said that, since there are so many sports cars and high dollar foreign jobs on the PCH that the Fuel Cell car didn’t get a second look. It’s supposed to get 68 miles/kg, which is about three times better than the gasoline model – if you don’t mind the idea of sitting just ahead of a tank of hydrogen stored under 5,000 psi.

Any thoughts on alternative fuel cars, green house gasses, Global Warming (pro or con), melting glaciers, drowning Polar Bears, submerging cities, or any other current gloom and doom predictions?