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Chicken Wings

November 20, 2007

I know I’ve expressed my fascination with eating competitions here before. I love these things. People actually practice eating, exercise their abdominal muscles for the express purpose of being able to cram more food into their stomachs. And they get paid. They get to eat hot dogs. And pancakes and pies and all the other fun foods. They do so with apparently no consequences — these people aren’t fat. This has to be one of the purist sports going right now. It’s just everyday people who happen to be able to eat 4 pounds of chicken wings in 8 minutes.

Yup. 4 pounds. Chicken wings. 8 minutes.

So when you sit down to eat in a couple of days and you start to feel guilty about how much you’ve eaten and how many sit ups you’ll have to do to make up for it and will you be able to button your pants. Stop thinking those things. Take a breath. Sit back down and keep eating. You haven’t eaten nearly enough to win any prizes.