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I’m Stealing This

November 8, 2007

from Harper’s. I doubt they care, but if they do, I’m sure they’ll let me know about it.

See, my nephew Joshy started school this year. As everyone who ever attended the school he’s attending (which is a couple other contributers here) knows….beginning of a school year means magazine sales. I HATE the whole idea of magazine sales. I think it’s a form of prostitution. Here are cute kids. Buy something from them so that we can MAKE MONEY. It makes no sense to me. But that’s neither here nor there.

I’m a good uncle and bought a couple of magazines. One of them was Harper’s, and I got my first issue in the mail today. And like any good reader, I turned straight to the Harper’s Index. Because, I mean, really.

So I’ll share a couple of education-related thingys, since it was sort of an educational related thing that brought Harper’s to my mailbox.

First, there’s this: “Estimated amount that teacher turnover costs U.S. school districts each year in recruiting and training: $7, 000,000,000.” I’m pretty sure that’s billion, although I have no concept of that sort of money. Seems a pay-raise might help some of that. But maybe not.

Then there’s this: “Chances that a new public-school teacher in Philadelphia will leave within six years: 7 in 10.” Roughly 70% by my calculations.

And then: “Chances that an entering high school student will not graduate within the same span: 4 in 10.” Holy cow, that’s a lot of kids not graduating. In SIX years. A lot of kids. What, exactly, does one do these days without a high school diploma if they want to eat? Or, like, pay for stuff?

Depressing. That’s why I’m here. Wanted to bring everyone down today.