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I Meant to Post This Yesterday

November 2, 2007

Or even the day before that. But I didn’t. I decided to wait until Friday afternoon.

So to possibly carry us through the weekend…

I usually don’t care much for sports journalism. It bores me. But occassionally there’s a sports writer who comes along and is the right mix of brains and funny to make ESPN interesting. Bill Simmons is (sometimes) such a writer. He’s a bit frustrating — like the kid who sits in the back of class and constantly cracks jokes and he does this so often that it is just about to really piss everyone off when he says something so funny that you can’t help but love him. That’s how Bill Simmons is. He cracks lots of jokes. Only some of them are funny, but the funny ones make you forget about the nonsense he just wrote.

Anyway. Simmons writes a regular column for ESPN called The Sports Guy. It’s always worth reading, even though I don’t care about most of what he talks about (fantasy sports and professional football). He is a Boston native and a huge Red Sox fan. During the playoffs, he frequently posted his thoughts on ESPN’s website. My favorite column was this one: There’s Only One October Diary

The entire column is worth reading, but I love what he has to say about Tim McCarver and John Couger Mellancamp. I’ll leave you with a couple of snippets.

About McCarver: I might not be able to describe what McCarver just told us without you thinking I made it up, but let’s try: Over the span of 45 seconds, he just explained that a leadoff home run leads to more multirun innings than a leadoff walk, only he made it sound like this was some sort of remarkable revelation or something.

And those stupid chevy commercials with that annoying Mellancamp “This is Our Country” song: Now it has gotten to the point when I look forward to belting the chorus out. Chevy has just beaten me down completely — it’s the only commercial that causes Stockholm Syndrome. This is ouuuuuuur country.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.