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Invisible Children

October 4, 2007

A friend of mine, Greg, is planning a trip to Uganda with the organization Invisible Children. While there, he will be shooting “documentary photo essays,” whatever those are. You can read more about the project on his blog.

He’s asking for money, of course, so be warned before visiting his site. But knowing Greg, he doesn’t actually care if you can support him financially. If you don’t have the resources or the inclination to help Greg monetarily, he’d be happy if you just took the time to learn about the important work Invisible Children is doing. So if you get a chance, visit his site and find out what they’re doing.

Romance at the Demolition Derby (I’m phoning it in, yet again)

October 4, 2007

My nephews love demolition derbys. They love going to them. They love playing demolition derby with their bikes and tricycles. It’s a bit disturbing, really, this fascination with derbys. They even know the rules, more or less. I didn’t even know there were rules to a demolition derby. There are, more or less.

My nephews are 5 and 3, so it’s cute that they like demolition derbys.

Apparently, some women think demolition derbys are cute, as well. You may  have seen this story on MSN a few days ago (it was on the main page for a bit) about a man proposing to his girlfriend by painting “Will You Marry Me” on the side of the car he entered in a demolition derby.

He didn’t win the derby, though, so I’m not sure what that says about the future of this marriage.

This sounds like something that’d happen in my hometown. Although I’m proud to say that it didn’t.

Happy Thursdaying, everyone.