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More on Mercenaries

September 27, 2007

In light of our discussion a couple of posts ago about the practice of hiring private “security” companies to do jobs the military used to, this is an interesting tidbit.

Basically, the upshot is that Sec. of Defense Gates is concerned about the fact that these companies are paying people more than the military pays to do the same jobs those people used to do for the military.  One can understand why that would concern him.  He’s so concerned about it, in fact, that he’s looking into making members of the military sign non-competition agreements when they enlist.  (And let’s just think for a moment about what it means for the American military to have competition.  Not enemies, as in a foreign military.  But competition, as in other domestic organizations trying to do the same job they’re doing, only for profit.)

The linked post also discusses the fiscal impact of using private contractors, although very little and in very broad terms.

 Here is a longer AP story on Gates’ concerns.