And Again.


Eviscerate. Tell me there’s a word that is more fun to say. I dare you.

It’s even funner because such a peaceful sounding word has such a violent meaning.


29 Responses to “And Again.”

  1. michaellasley Says:

    And just to head you off at the pass a bit, you can’t suggest evisceration, even though you may well have a case with that one. I mean, it is the same word just in different form.

  2. alsturgeon Says:

    I’ve always preferred onamotapeia, but I’ve always been fond of the Latino sound.

    But you have me on the added element of definitions.

  3. michaellasley Says:

    Nope. You’re wrong, Al. I do indeed enjoy the word onamotapeia. But your mouth doesn’t have as much fun saying it as it does saying eviscerate. It’s too cumbersome. It got no flow. Eviscerate! It even sounds good if you yell it. There’s really not a wrong way to say it!

  4. Whitney Says:

    I meant, “…a serial killer would use…”

  5. Whitney Says:

    I can’t quit laughing.

    There are lots of fun words out here:

    Humuhumunukunukupuaa (its a fish)

    Or Pupu Street

    Or Likelike (Leekay-leekay) Highway

    But you’re right; eviscerate is in a class of its own. It is aural irony. It’s like something a serial killer would you as a pick up line, it sounds so pretty.

  6. Whitney Says:

    My posts are not posting in order. They’re time warping, apparently. WEEEIRD.

  7. urbino Says:

    I’m fond of “panini.” And “Peckinpah.” Do proper nouns count?

  8. Terry A. Says:

    I’ve always liked rubric.

    No idea what it means. I just like it.

  9. michaellasley Says:

    I say they count! I’m particularly fond of Ecuador.

    Okay, I should have clarified. Eviscerate is the funnest of all non-Hawaiian, English language words that is also not a proper noun.

    I like panini, the signifier and the signified.

    And I like it that Whitney thinks about the pick up lines of serial killers.

  10. Terry A. Says:

    P.S. — I totally cannot say the word “rural.” The r’s are too close together.

  11. michaellasley Says:

    Didn’t rubric direct those Space Oddysey movies?

  12. urbino Says:

    And invented that cube thing.

  13. Whitney Says:

    Oh, yeah, Terry, me either. I say ru-wal.

    How about rear-wheel drive? weer-weel-dwive.

  14. urbino Says:

    “Wanker” is pretty fun to say. I’m actually not that taken with “eviscerate,” but that’s why they make ’em all different.

  15. Capt. Midknight Says:

    Place names have always been good for a chuckle or two. Not only are the names themselves fun, but then you have to wonder what the local folks were thinking (or drinking) when it came time to pick something to put on the post office.

    In my native Arkansas – and I’m sure Al and some of the rest know them already – we have places like Oil Trough and Possum Grape, and a tiny place named Ben Hur. I also remember a place near Conway called Toad Suck Ferry.
    In Tennessee, where I live now, we have Bucksnort, Frog Jump, and Skullbone.

  16. urbino Says:

    There are several places scattered through the Carolina uplands and across the Appalachians named “F*!king somethingorother.” For example, “F*!king Creek.”

    Those wacky Scots-Irish.

  17. urbino Says:

    Uh-oh. I dropped the F-bomb and killed the f*!king thread.

  18. Whitney Says:

    Pupu head.

  19. urbino Says:

    Land lubber.

  20. alsturgeon Says:

    After all the cussing, we need to bring out our Bibles. There we’ll discover another word I love to say: Deuteronomy.

    Kids love that one, too. Course its because it somehow sounds like cussing to them, so I don’t know if we’re making progress or not.

  21. michaellasley Says:

    I didn’t know such places existed, JU. ‘Specially not in the Bible belt.

    Capt: My family actually has its reunion every year at Toad Suck. Not only that: we have it there because I have an uncle of some variety (great? great-great?) who is the one and only actual resident of Toad Suck. It’s a state part, and he’s the caretaker. Or was. I think he might have died. Needless to say, I haven’t been to that family reunion in a few years. And oddly enough, I’ve run into a couple of students here at Pepperdine who have family members in Arkansas. One of them is from here in LA but has an aunt who lives in Oil Trough. What are the chances?

    Al: Has anyone actually ever read Deuteronomy? I mean, really. Not even OT scholars read that one, do they?

  22. Whitney Says:

    They don’t even put Deuteronomy in Bibles anymore. 🙂 I bought Joe a new Bible a couple of years ago and, no kidding, it is missing all but the first page of Deuteronomy. The sad part is how long it took us to discover it.

  23. Capt. Midknight Says:

    Michael said:
    “Capt: My family actually has its reunion every year at Toad Suck. Not only that: we have it there because I have an uncle of some variety (great? great-great?) who is the one and only actual resident of Toad Suck.”

    And all along I thought I was the only one who knew about Toad Suck. You got to wonder how that name came about, though. I know in some places folks lick a type of toad that secretes a hallucinogenic fluid, so Toad Lick, maybe I can understand, but Toad Suck?

    I’m leaving tomorrow for ten days in Ireland – courtesy of my mother-in-law. She’s 88, but wanted to go with a tour group she’s gone with several times before. She said that if my wife and I would go with her, she could do it, so we’re going as sort of maid and butler. She’ll probably do fine, but we may come home exhausted.
    Anyway, you kids play nice while I’m gone.

    BTW JU: Hatch’s book is on order from B & N. I was hoping some of the others would jump in on the previous post, but I guess it was overcome by events.

  24. michaellasley Says:

    I’ll do my homework on Toad Suck, which would involve calling my grandpa, which is something I need to do anyway. I mean, there just has to be a good reason for the name, even if it’s not actually a good reason.

    Driving past Possum Grape once when I was in high school, someone (I imagine someone not entirely unlike myself) had removed the “G” from the Grape. I’m sure that happens often.

    I’m jealous of your trip to Ireland. Very. Jealous. Take lots of pictures to share with us.

  25. urbino Says:

    Yes. And where is that mountain-climbing post, Peacock?

    Are Terry and I the only people here who’ve actually eaten possum grapes, btw? They’re actually pretty tasty.

  26. urbino Says:

    The colorful place names (and lots of other things Scots-Irish) are discussed in David Hackett Fischer’s Albion’s Seed, Mikey. Iffn you’re interested.

    I think you’ll enjoy Hatch’s book, Cap’n. As one of my profs once said to me, he has a very specific thesis in that book and he rides it very hard. Whether or not one finds it convincing, it’s interesting. Enjoy Ireland!

  27. Capt. Midknight Says:

    JU said:
    “I think you’ll enjoy Hatch’s book, Cap’n. As one of my profs once said to me, he has a very specific thesis in that book and he rides it very hard. Whether or not one finds it convincing, it’s interesting.”

    The system worked for once. The guy at B & N looked on his computer and said that they had a few copies at the warehouse, so I ordered it, figuring that it would show up sooner or later. It came today, so maybe I’ll get into it a little during the 7 hours or so from Atlanta to Shannon.

    As for sharing pix, of course, but I’ll need some technical assistance. Whatever I was able to do on the old site I’ve probably forgotten, or is different here.

  28. Terry A. Says:

    On the subject of odd names, I have spoken at the Opposition Church of Christ in rural (!) Northeast Arkansas.

    I believe there were eight people and one mutt in attendance that night. Six of them fell asleep (seven counting the dog), but I forgave two of them who had been up all night before tending to a sick cow.

    Possum grapes is tasty.

  29. urbino Says:

    the Opposition Church of Christ

    Brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department.

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