Go ahead. Show ’em yer nuts.


Speaking of the environment, there’s this.  It says every food, food additive, and bio-fuel we currently produce (or ever expect to produce) from soybeans can be produced as well or better from hazelnuts.  And since hazelnut bushes are a hardy perennial, they survive all winter (even in Minnesota) and don’t need to be replanted. 

 Plant them once, and harvest for the rest of your life.

 Think about that.  No yearly tillage means no soil erosion.  No fossil fuels burned at planting.  No labor, seed, or other costs associated with planting.  Much lower use of chemicals.

Too good to be true?  I dunno.  But it’s fun to think about.


6 Responses to “Go ahead. Show ’em yer nuts.”

  1. alsturgeon Says:

    Another nominee in our best ever titles competition. You may dominate the Top 10 list whenever I get around to developing it.

  2. urbino Says:

    I’m nothing if not titular.

  3. alsturgeon Says:

    Really? I’m more of a Presbyterian.

  4. Capt. Midknight Says:

    Heck of an idea!
    Does that mean that 20 or 30 years from now we can all complain about being gouged by the evil multi-national Hazelnut Cartel?

  5. urbino Says:

    HPEC. Yes.

  6. Capt. Midknight Says:

    I believe that would be OHEC – as in OH Heck!
    Has a nice ring to it

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