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Archbishop of Boston Declares NAMBLA the Model for the New Church

June 28, 2007

Whatever our political persuasion, I think we can all agree on 2 things: things are not going as well in Iraq as we’d like; and an Arab/Muslim version of “My Favorite Things” likely would not include Israel. Not only can we all agree on those things, I would think we all take them as rather obvious. I mean, I don’t know when you last forgot that the Arabs and Israel don’t get along, but it’s been a good while for me.

So why, oh, why is the President of the United States saying Israel is our model for the new Iraq?

That thumping sound you hear is me banging my head on my desk. I mean, sweet Italian Jesus, who thought this would be an appropriate comparison to make? Which White House speechwriter is so tin-eared he doesn’t understand how that’s going to sound in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East? How is saying it supposed to be helpful to our cause?

Honestly, I’d give most anything at this point for mere competence in the executive branch. Nothing fancy. It could still be hardcore Republican. Just competent hardcore Republican. Is that really so much to ask?