Voting Trends. And Happy Father’s Day.


This is an interesting map of the U.S., showing voting trends by district over the past 40+ years in Presidential elections. I just thought it was interesting to see how the voting changes from election to election. So anyway — just watch the map and it’ll do the work for you, changing every few seconds from one election to the next.

More importantly, though.

Happy early Father’s Day. My dad’s a keeper. On more than one occassion he’s driven for hours just to give me a hug and take me to lunch (and by hours, I mean from Arkansas to TN or NY — and he’d start out for CA tonight if he thought I needed a hug and a steak). The Houseflies I actually know have some top-notch dads. I kind of adopted JU’s entire family a few years ago, and his dad is one of the best. I’ve been on several outdoors-y type trips with C-Love’s dad (other than his questionable skills of navigation, he’s a hoot). Golfed a few rounds with Doc Watson’s dad (he always pays!). So yeah, happy Father’s day.


3 Responses to “Voting Trends. And Happy Father’s Day.”

  1. C-Love Says:

    Now that you mention it, my dad is fairly fabulous! And always lost or late. Because of him, I can drive a standard, hold a tarantula without weeping, and clean a fish (if forced). Way to go, Pops!

  2. Al Sturgeon Says:

    Would have been interesting to have everyone tell some “dad” stories.
    * DeJon has some good ones I know in a non-traditional sort of way.
    * I really like Sandi’s dad.
    * Joe’s dad must be super from what I’ve heard.
    * Unicorn could share some good stories, too.

    I’m the rare younger (smile) housefly in the situation w/o a living father. Hard to believe my dad’s been gone for close to 13 years now. He was a very good one, too, and a hard one for me to follow after…

    Oh, and add my props to the likes of JU/Terry’s dad, Mikey’s dad, DocWatson’s dad, and C-Love’s dad. All top-notch!

  3. How Americans vote over the years « People are the boss Says:

    […] how the Americans’ electoral choices change over time from 1960. It was originally linked to Hungry Hungry Hippos, an American discussion group I have just come across by chance. Thanks to the Hippos and […]

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