Sharing Time


I’m not on the cutting edge of things most of the time. This is no exception. A number of students this past year kept telling me about Pandora Radio. I didn’t know what they meant. But in the last month or so, I’ve become addicted. If you have any interest in music whatsoever, I highly recommend the site. How it works: you simply type in the name of a band or musician you like. That’s it. The site will play continuous music by artists and musicians with a similar sound. So you get to hear songs by your favorite musician as well as songs by artists you’ve never heard of. If you don’t like a song they are playing, you just click a button saying you don’t like it and it immediately quits playing it and moves on to the next song. It’s free, but you do have to register. I don’t think I’ve received any spam from signing up with them, but I’m not positive about that. It’s at least worth a look-see.

8 Responses to “Sharing Time”

  1. C-Love Says:

    This is fantastic! I’m sad I didn’t know about it sooner. Another layer of fun begins when you start using Pandora’s powers for evil. For instance, you might be surprised who is similar to…oh…say…New Kids on the Block.

  2. Michael Lasley Says:

    Being the love-filled person I am, it’d never crossed my mind to use it for evil. You may not have a soul.

  3. Whitney Says:

    I’m not even a music fanatic and I think this is really cool.

    And I definitely searched New Kids…hilarious.

    I’m currently stuck on Corr’s Radio.

  4. DeJon Redd Says:

    Internet radio makes all the sense in the world. A newcomer to the phenomenon might enjoy this article. (It mentions other good sites similiar to Pandora.)

    And if we’re talking music… A friend (of a friend, really) posted a list of options I found perfect. You can see it at his blog

  5. juvenal_urbino Says:

    I’d just like to point out that I mentioned Pandora to Mikey, like, last fall. But does he listen to me? No. He listens to college students.

    You know, you work and slave to raise your kids right, and then they grow up and don’t listen to a word you say.

  6. Michael Lasley Says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, JU.

  7. Michael Lasley Says:

    And plus-wise, you didn’t provide a link!

  8. juvenal_urbino Says:

    Oh, I see. And if I didn’t provide a link to a bridge, would you jump off it?

    Maybe you should just marry a link.

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