Welcome, Welcome…


Just thought I’d introduce C-Love (aka Candice) to the team of Houseflies. She’s been lurking around here for a while, and I lured her out of the darkness into the brilliant light of housefly-dom. Candice is a professional artist and musician (Arkansas translation: she draws real purty and sings good, too!). Most importantly, everything she knows about world history she learned in tenth grade (you can read more by clicking on her profile).

And way back at my “In His Steps” post, my good friend, Jackie, added a comment (in case you missed it). Jackie’s awesome, and I’m glad she knows her way here now. Hopefully she’ll drop by a lot, but with a new baby and all, she may have her hands full!

Just thought I’d introduce a couple of new lovely and talented ladies to the team. Just trying to add some more beauty and class around here. 🙂


11 Responses to “Welcome, Welcome…”

  1. Michael Lasley Says:

    Welcome, both. Candice has wicked music tastes, so hoping she tells us lots about it.

  2. juvenal_urbino Says:

    In that case, I nominate her as the music review person.

  3. Terry Austin Says:

    So is this name to be pronouced “see love” or “Clove”?

    Because everybody knows Candice smokes clove cigarettes 24/7.


    P.S. — Al, did you shave your head? Pam Anderson told me you did, but you know how reliable her information is sometimes…

  4. Al Sturgeon Says:

    She happened to be right this time. Mikey can tell you. He was at the party. 🙂

  5. juvenal_urbino Says:

    …so many jokes…not sure the internets are big enough to hold them all…

  6. Michael Lasley Says:

    I wasn’t looking at Al’s head, so I may not be much help here.

  7. juvenal_urbino Says:

    So is this name to be pronouced “see love” or “Clove”?

    It’s “kuh-love,” you nit. As in “kuh-ching!”

    Or possibly “C-minus love,” but that would be a rather unflattering screen name to give oneself. Nah. It’s “kuh-love.”

  8. Terry Austin Says:

    It could be “clo-vey,” a French-inspired pseudonym.

    In addition to having wicked music tastes, Candice is a talented vocalist. I knew this years ago but was reminded of it at a wedding not too long ago. Gorgeous girl, gorgeous voice.

    Al, you did warn her about the single guys who frequent this place, right?

  9. Al Sturgeon Says:

    Nah, just Austins in general.

  10. C-Love Says:

    Hello everyone! I just returned from a whirlwind jaunt to Panama City Beach this weekend, so I’m a late responder. Thanks for the introduction, Coach.

    To answer your questions:
    1. I answer to “See Love,” although “Kuh-Love” is growing on me.
    2. Since I apparently have wicked music tastes, I hereby accept the nomination for music reviewer.

  11. juvenal_urbino Says:

    Kewl. We’ve never had one of those, before. (A music reviewer or a “Kuh-Love.”)

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