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Joshy the Jedi

May 7, 2007

I’m not sure I’d ever make it as a dad. I’d walk around worried about something all the time.

For instance.

The picture above makes me sad. Joshy’s the kid in the green shirt. We woke him up about 5:45 to take him to Disneyland. This picture is taken about 12 hours later. He’s exhausted. He’d seen this show earlier in the day where they “train Jedi.” It’s a fancy little show where some guy from Star Wars does a little light-saber routine and then calls up some kids from the crowd to go through Jedi training. And then at the end of the show they get to fight Darth Vader.Joshy decided he wanted to do this and so his dad and I got him there early enough to sit on the front row. Which he did so very patiently for about half an hour. Did I mention he’d been awake for almost 12 hours at this point? Walking around in the hot sun? The kid was pooped.

He’s kind of a quiet kid. So Jack and I were worried he wouldn’t get noticed in the mob of, oh, I’m guessing 200 or 300 kids. He was one of the first ones there, but he didn’t get noticed. Mostly because he wasn’t loud enough for the guy picking the kids — who based his decision on who was most easily seen: so it was mostly tall kids or kids whose parents pushed their ways to the front holding their kids high in the air (no lie — the jerks).

So Joshy didn’t get chosen even though he’d been there for a long time. After the show started, he finally walked back to his dad and said he was too tired to stay there. He was trying not to cry. I wanted to punch the Jedi.

I’d probably punch a lot of Jedi if I were a dad. Or eat a lot of ice cream, which is what I think we did to cheer Joshy up. Actually, I think it was to cheer us up — Joshy seemed to have forgotten about it in about 30 seconds. And he seems to be living a normal life. Me, on the other hand — I’m still hoping Darth Vader beats up the “Jedi Master” at the end of the show one day soon.