Since Noone’s Reading Anyway…


[Warning: This post is a bit disgusting.]

I was on a trip with some friends in college when we stopped at a park and there was a dead fish on the bank of the lake and it was a bit bloated. And one of my friends threw a rock at the fish and it exploded. Lesson: don’t throw things at dead, bloated fish.

It’s probably best not to do anything with dead, bloated fish. As some people in Tainan, Tawain, learned.


5 Responses to “Since Noone’s Reading Anyway…”

  1. Whitney Says:

    I’m reading.

    I mean, I know you had a disclaimer. But EEEEEEEEWWWWWWW

    I was going to comment on your last post about wanting to get as far away from your hometown as possible. I was exactly the same way…Now I love going home. I don’t want to live there again, but I love visiting. And I also see that it is (and was) a fabulous place to raise kids.

    By the way Mr. California Sun, I hope it’s nice up in Malibu today because down here in San Diego it is CRAPPY! It is cloudy to the point all I can think about is sleep. But Saturday kicked butt with stereotypical 70+-degrees & super sunny.

    I could add a bunch of useless comments if you want. Just to bulk up your stats.

  2. Michael Lasley Says:

    I’m all about the stats. It is cloudy and misty here today for the second time this month. I’m not happy about it. But today is one of the days I work, so it’s fine with me. I’m inside anyway.

    If you read to the end of the linked article on the whale, it has a funny part about men gathering around the exploded remains to check out the size of the whale’s penis.

  3. Al Sturgeon Says:

    Sorry I haven’t been commenting recently. Life has been very hectic, and I’m afraid I’ve pushed houseflies to the side. I’ve read the posts, but hurriedly. And I haven’t taken any time to comment.

    I should comment now, though, that this is the 2nd time Mikey has posted something referring to a whale penis. Does this qualify as a trend?

    Gotta run. Again. But I’ll be back – in particular, I’m reading a challenging book titled “Irresistible Revolution” by Shane Claiborne, and I need the housefly community in particular to help me sort through it.

  4. Michael Lasley Says:

    I’m impressed you remember the first whale penis reference, Al. That’s back when coolhand was still with us. He had a couple of smart-alecky comments for me over that. I miss coolhand. Where is coolhand.

  5. Al Sturgeon Says:

    At last sighting he was in Houston.

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