Who is Tariq Ramadan?


“The Muslim Martin Luther King” seems likely to be an overstatement, but this guy does sound like a genuine grown-up, and grown-ups are sadly lacking on all sides of the debates within and about Islam.

3 Responses to “Who is Tariq Ramadan?”

  1. Al Sturgeon Says:


    I know so little about Islam (other than the general tenets), and for some reason I cannot get motivated to read the Quran & dig down & learn more. It may be that I’m so immersed in Christianity & still can’t get a handle on IT! Trying to understand another seems overwhelming.

    But this guy is interesting, and definitely not the normal picture of a Muslim.

  2. Michael Lasley Says:

    I’m with Al. I really need to know more about Islam. And I haven’t had a chance to read through the entire interview.

    Is Joe still around? Joe? I know he’s read the Quran (or think he has), so it’d be interesting to hear his take on Tariq Ramadan’s interpretation.

    Plus it’d just be good to hear from Joe. I want Joe and JU to argue! And fight. And claim they still love each other with the love of the Lord. Even though they probably don’t.

  3. Al Sturgeon Says:

    BTW, I like his name. It makes me start humming Feliz Navidad.

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