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Congrats and Condolences

November 8, 2006

Congrats to Nancy Pelosi, soon to be the first woman in American history to be Speaker of the House.

Condolences to Rick Santorum’s kids, who were just pitiful, standing there behind their dad.

Congrats to Claire McCaskill, who defeated an incumbent who had done nothing to annoy his constituency. She simply convinced the people of MO that she could do the job better.

Condolences to Jim Talent, said incumbent, and to Lincoln Chafee, who also had done nothing to annoy his voters.

Congrats to Christopher Shays, a similarly situated Republican incumbent who managed to avoid the same fate.

Condolences to Harold Ford, Jr., who came up a bit short, but gave the best speech I heard all night.

Congrats to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who gets the “Comeback Kid” Award for this cycle.

Condolences to the people of Virginia, who had to choose between a [mostly] closeted racist and a [mostly] closeted misogynist for their senator.

Congrats to Jon Tester, who can now say, “That’s Senator Meatloaf, to you, bub.”

Condolences to gays and lesbians who wanted to get married in, well, name a state.

Congrats to Jeff Greenfield, who turned in another pitch-perfect night of brainy-whimsical election coverage.

Condolences to Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough, who, come awards season, will share an Emmy for “Best Performance as a Cranky Old Ass.”