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The Latest Evangelical Panic

October 6, 2006

This article, and the entire concept of the four-percent panic, is further proof that some Christians have a strong desire to view themselves as beleaguered and marginalized when in reality they are nothing of the sort. I do not understand this persecution complex. The five-percent number cited later in the article was not true even in my high school, which I think (in terms of my peers) did not particularly embrace open religious behavior at school. The other factor that these adults seem to overlook is that, as I understand it, plenty of folks drift away from or at least question religion during their teen and early adult years, but return to it as they get older and especially after they have their own children. I really don’t think the evangelicals have anything to worry about. Since the admitted goal of many of them is to take over the world and install a theocracy, if anything it’s people like me who should be worried.