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October 4, 2006

So what’s the deal with the House leadership and this Mark Foley scandal? Majority Leader John Boehner told the Washington Post he had told Speaker Hastert about the problem. Then Hastert said he didn’t know anything about it until last Friday. Then Boehner called the Post back and said he definitely hadn’t told Hastert about it. Then he told another paper he was “99% sure” he had.

Now Hastert and some others on the right are putting out the idea this was an “October surprise” by the Democrats. I wouldn’t put it past them, but I don’t really find it credible, either. I mean, how would the Democrats even know about it? We’re talking about misbehavior by a member of the Republican caucus, which was or wasn’t reported to various Republican members of the House leadership. It seems unlikely the Republicans would inform their opposition of this kind of thing; it’s not clear they even informed each other. Besides which, ABC, who broke the story, says they got it from the former pages, themselves.

I haven’t reached any conclusions about it all at this point, other than that, however it turns out, Hastert and Boehner haven’t exactly clothed themselves in glory over it. I just thought I’d provide a place for everybody to discuss it, if they’re so inclined.