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September 25, 2006

Since there hasn’t been too much political talk around here lately — in the sense of talking about specific politicians or public policy initiatives — I thought I would post on a couple of stories I read today that interested me.

One is the developing story of Senator George Allen of Virginia, who is running for reelection (and rumored to be planning on a presidential run in 2008) and who memorably referred to a young man of Indian origin as “macaca” several weeks ago during a speaking engagement. Apparently some of Allen’s former teammates from UVA football have come forward with allegations that Allen regularly used the “N-word” and expressed racist attitudes during college. This is in addition to previous reports of his affinity for the Dixie flag and racist attitudes expressed more recently, as well as the macaca incident. So, there are two questions these stories raise: one, are they accurate? and two, if they are accurate, why are they important? I have my own views on these questions, of course, but I’m interested to hear what others think about it.

The other interesting story of the weekend was Bill Clinton’s Fox News interview with Chris Wallace. You can read the full transcript here. For my money, I have to say that it’s about damn time that a Democrat stood up for himself; I only hope that those who are still in office will be emboldened to do the same. With particular reference to the Somalia incident, one reporter at Salon has put together some supporting evidence here regarding who wanted to “cut and run” then. Interesting stuff.