Schism Over Politics Strengthens Church


I don’t know how many people are out there reading now, but I knew that Al at least would really enjoy this article from the New York Times about a Baptist minister who boldly, and to the consternation of many of his flock, preached that the church should not be taken over by conservative politics. He sounds like a right-on guy even if he is Baptist. 🙂


6 Responses to “Schism Over Politics Strengthens Church”

  1. Al Sturgeon Says:

    Wow!!! I like it!!!

  2. Mystique Free Says:

    That was an awesome article.

  3. Duane McCrory Says:

    For anyone interested, and since I didn’t see it mentioned in the article, Gregory Boyd is a co-contributor to the book, The Openness of God edited by Clark Pinnock. This did cause quite a stir among evangelicals.


    In response to an earlier comment, we did not end up moving, but I have been extremely busy and commenting when I can.

  4. juvenal_urbino Says:

    This did cause quite a stir among evangelicals.

    Not knowing much about the internecine politics of the Evangelical world, I have to ask: why is that?

    Is Pinnock still at CTS? (Was it CTS? My memory is all fuzzed up.)

  5. Mystique Free Says:

    Here’s an item on the openness of god:

    And though I don’t know enough about it to form an opinion reading the reviews on amazon is really fun!

    Speaking of places that are close to Arkansas and ministers who preach outside the box, has anyone heard about Carlton Pearson, the Tulsa evangelical minister who was basically excommunicated by Oral Roberts etc when he said that God isn’t sending all the non-Christians to hell?

  6. Duane McCrory Says:


    The stir is because it claims that God might not know the future because the future cannot be known. That is very disturbing to Calvinists, who believe strongly in God’s sovereignty, and of course, believe that the future is already predetermined.

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