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Here’s the other one

July 14, 2006

Since we’re not getting anywhere on my slut story, here’s the other article I thought of posting yesterday. It’s an interesting riff on my gender-roles theory of the opposition to same-sex marriage, minus the feminist perspective. Stanford Law Professor Richard Thompson Ford seems actually heartened that the opposition to same-sex marriage now seems to be not solely based on rank homophobia. But then, according to my view, it never was. Ford doesn’t seem bothered in the least by the fact that Americans are clinging with some tenacity to restrictive and overly simplistic notions of gender roles, and doesn’t seem to see it as any kind of long-term threat to the right of gay men and lesbians to live safe, valued lives. But there’s a reason that the gay rights movement has sunk so much of its resources into the marriage fight. As long as marriage is considered an ideal and privileged status, locking people out of it for whatever reason is consigning them to second-class citizenship. Now, I would personally rather dispute marriage being a privileged status than gays being kept from participating. But that’s why I’m more of a radical than a liberal.