Disney World Picture


A couple of bats duke it out upside down over a snack on the Maharajah Jungle Trek in the Animal Kingdom.

(Note: You can check out a folder of my Disney pics on my Webshots page at http://community.webshots.com/user/alsturgeon.)


3 Responses to “Disney World Picture”

  1. Capt MidKnight Says:

    Welcome back.
    Was it crowded in the Kingdom of the Mouse?

  2. Al Sturgeon Says:

    Actually, it was really nice. Cool weather (70s for highs), and the lines weren’t bad at all. Mickey said to tell you “hi.”

  3. Capt MidKnight Says:

    I imagine that Mickey’s aged some since I was there. I can, however, claim to have taken all three of my children for their first ride on Space Mountain. Been there and done that! Let the daddies take care of the grandkids for their rides. Probably been at least 15 years since I’ve been there though.

    Glad you’re back on. We’re all waiting for your sage input on everything from the Iraq War to Fundamentalism to funny hats and gender neutral clothes to your own personal dirt threshold.

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