And now to Al with sports…


Okay, we can’t skip sports today. After all, the Final Four is this weekend along with Opening Day for Major League Baseball!!!

So… this calls for a little crowd participation.

#1: THE FINAL FOUR: Everyone’s brackets are long gone, so let’s start over. What’s your predicitons?

* George Mason is everyone’s favorite, but the “real favorites” are LSU and Florida. Which is why I predict UCLA to win it all. The Bruins over the Tigers 65-60, and the Gators over Cinderella 82-73. Bruins win the championship Monday night 60-57.

#2: THE RETURN OF BASEBALL: Bonds-Watch begins. Bad as I hate to say it, I say he hits 50 and takes down Aaron this year. What do you guys think?

#3: DISCUSSION TOPIC: And now for a real discussion about much more important things: What about the new NFL push to cut back on end zone celebrations? The argument against Chad Johnson performing CPR on a football is that it takes away from the purity of the game, while the other side argues that the fans want things like this. What do you guys think? Since the bottom line of sports is now money, shouldn’t the fans’ opinion trump all else?

6 Responses to “And now to Al with sports…”

  1. Terry Austin Says:

    #1 – Having watched precious little basketball this year, I did great on my brackets. I’ve got Florida and UCLA still alive, though I managed to keep both of them out of the final game (preferring a Texas/UNC matchup). So I’ll go with Florida and UCLA, since I’ve gotten them this far.

    #2 – I hope nobody pitches to Bonds, and that both he and Selig grow consciences (hey, if Bonds is truly on HGH, who knows what he might grow next?) and do the right thing: retire.

    #3 – I’ve heard Chad Johnson say nine times that he’s just trying to “bring excitement to the game.” If the game itself isn’t exciting, why does he have a job? I’ve always loved Barry Sanders’ touchdown celebration: a casual, underhand toss of the football to the referee.


  2. Whitney Says:

    I vote for LSU because they BEAT THE LONGHORNS!! and that always makes me happy.

    So far as celebrations in pro football goes, WHO CARES?? We all know it’s all about cash and fanfare, so why not exacerbate it as much as possible? I think they should get bonuses for the most outrageous behavior. At least then it might be fun to watch. Monday Night Freakshow.

  3. Duane McCrory Says:

    #1 This is hard to pick. None of the so-called powerhouses are left. I’d love to see George Mason win it all, but in reality, LSU and Florida are both looking like they will be playing for the championship. UCLA is a great team, but they just got past Gonzaga, a team I think is overrated, but who knows? If I had to pick the championship, I’d pick Florida over LSU.

    #2 In light of Sandi’s post/link to the article on Osteen, can we pray that Bonds doesn’t take down Aaron? (How about that for adding religion to the sports column since sports is always being added to the religion column?)

    #3 I’m all for the fans having the final say. If they want the celebrations, why is the NFL trying to stop them? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  4. DeJon Redd Says:

    Al … appreciate the post. I’ve carried the guilt of my blogging failure like anvil.

    Work sucks, but when given a break … I’ve got a one-tracked mind this week.

    I’ve been watching this LSU team since October’s Midnight Madness. I can not tell a lie. I doubted the quality of the team until they made the sweet 16. Folks in Baton Rouge have never been all that big on John Brady and the team has been plagued by a like of poise down the stretch despite talent. Brady’s personality is abrasive at times and he has let some really good talent leave Louisiana for out-of-state opportunities.

    I don’t know what changed. But now they can’t be shaken at the end of the game and there is more talent than anybody realized. (Tyrus Thomas wasn’t mentioned by a single NBA scout as an SEC talent to watch at the start of the season.)

    All of this to say I’ve never had a team as a more pleasant surprise in my life. I’ve never enjoyed watching a sporting event nearly as much as I’ve enjoyed watching the Duke game and then the Texas game. (And that includes the BCS Championship in ’03)

    In the 12 years I lived in Baton Rouge LSU won 4 National Champions in Baseball (and one was a homer in the bottom of the ninth with two outs, down 1, with a man on third.)

    But reading the Advocate and seeing how well these players represent Louisiana. And how uplifting it has been for the state. And sprinkle in the greatest Cinderella of all time and I declare this the greatest NCAA tournament of all time.

    Hands down.

    A national championship would be as big for the University as the 2003 football Championship

    I predict that from 8:45 – 10:45 p.m. EST on Saturday I will be standing in my living room rubbing disgusting amounts of palm sweat all over my TV remote. I predict my neighbors will open their front doors to wonder, “What is that yelling next door?” I predict intermittently I will jump up and down like an idiot in both frustration and jubilation. I predict that at the end of the LSU-UCLA semi-final game I will be emotionally wiped. I may cry.

    But I will not predict a winner.

    I guarantee that with every ounce of energy I can muster, I will soak up the glorious moment when five talented basketball players from Louisiana take the floor of the RCA Dome and (as the youngster say) … REPRESENT!

  5. Michael Lasley Says:

    Go LSU. I can’t bring myself to cheer for UCLA and I’m tired of seeing George Mason’s coach on tv.

    I’m surprisingly apathetic about Bonds. I love what Tim K. (Kirk-gin, but I don’t know how to actually spell it) had to say last night on Baseball Tonight about it doesn’t really matter if Bonds breaks the record, no one will forget Aaron or Ruth or the if-y nature of the record breaking. (C’mon Terry, you’re a Dodgers fan, you wouldn’t like Bonds if he was an angel.)

  6. Terry Austin Says:

    (C’mon Terry, you’re a Dodgers fan, you wouldn’t like Bonds if he was an angel.)

    True. I hate the Angels, too. (Nancy Grace would have a field day with that comment.)


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