"I will be killed…"


I haven’t spent much time around the blog lately. I saw something today that I just had to share here (free registration required). It’s a quick news story about Mithal Alusi, an Iraqi politician. He’s a Sunni muslim with a strong secularist streak. He has survived multiple assassination attempts, but has lost two sons in those attempts. He is a politician grounded in the realities of Iraq and what it will take for the fledgling democracy to survive as a nation and as a democracy. Here’s an excerpt from the end of the article:

But Alusi said he wasn’t counting on being a minister or anything but a struggling politician. He insisted that he was committed to a democratizing process that may take decades.But then in the next smoke-filled breath, Alusi said he didn’t expect to live to see his vision completed.“I will be killed,” he said. “I know that.”

These are the people we are supporting. Knowing that men like this exist, how can we even entertain the thought of abandoning Iraq?


One Response to “"I will be killed…"”

  1. Al Sturgeon Says:

    Words (courage) like that can definitely grab your (my) heart. And should.

    My beef was with the beginning of the war in Iraq (which I’ve ‘splained before). What to do now is very complicated, which I argued at the outset, would end up being the case.

    “Abandoning” Iraq is something I wouldn’t want personally, and not something I wanted from the very start. I (again – or, still) believe we should work together as a world to deal with all such problems. To quote my dearly-departed friend, Barney Fife, we find ourselves in a “real situation.”

    And although the President’s motorcade passed me on the road today and made me felt quite important for no tangible reason… 🙂 …I think we need better leadership to prevent us from such messes that are beyond the scope of international law.

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