Exhibit A: Strict Father v. Nurturant Parent, on Abortion


Read this interview. This author’s work is a perfect example of how strict-father morality infuses the pro-life movement. (Note that pro-life activists are defined separately from pro-life people). And how nurturant-parent morality is at work in the pro-choice movement’s efforts to reduce abortions by providing better access to birth control, child care, family leave, etc. I know it’s not my day, but this just fit so perfectly with my previous post.


One Response to “Exhibit A: Strict Father v. Nurturant Parent, on Abortion”

  1. Duane McCrory Says:


    I appreciate your link to this article and found it fascinating. I’d love to read the book and see what she says more in depth.

    I do have trouble seeing the connection between what you call “strict-father” and “nurturing-mother” worldviews. As I’m sure you would agree, it is much more complex than that. Even the idea that many on the pro-life front (activists, that is) believe that everything is predetermined is a vast overstatement. That’s more of a Christian debate in which Calvinism, the idea that everything is predestined, is widely believed in the evangelical world, but not in the broader Christian faith.

    I, for one, have a huge problem with such pro-life activists that she describes, if indeed what they are doing does not ultimately intend to reduce the rate of abortions and help create healthy families.

    I am also troubled by legislation that aims to reduce help to those who need it most while giving tax breaks to those who need it least. These issues seem to be connected as the article suggests.

    Thanks for the link!

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