A Plethora of Sports Notes: "Jefe, what is a plethora?"


An NBA note:
What’s worse than being the worst team in the league? (A title the New York Knicks hold with little argument.) … Paying more than $94 million to hold the dubious crown. I mean have you seen what these losers are making?!

Obligatory Olympic Mention:
With Jeremy Bloom placing sixth in the moguls on Wednesday, yet another promising American endorser has failed to medal. That makes zero medals so far for Michelle Kwan, Bode Miller, Apolo Anton Ohno and Jeremy Bloom. All that hype with so little substance.

NL Central Fantasy Round-up: Part II
Houston Astros:
Much of the talk in Houston surrounding this team will be about two players who likely won’t have a role on this team, at least initially. Look, Jeff Bagwell has had a great career, and we can argue about his Hall of Fame stats later. But this team is likely more productive moving Lance Berkman to first base and playing an outfield of Preston Wilson, Willy Taveras and Jason Lane. As for Roger Clemens, he can’t re-sign with the Astros until May. My guess is this story won’t die for another six weeks and he eventually goes back to Houston. Where should you draft him? I think he’s coming back, and even if he misses a month, or five starts, so what? With that ERA, he could be a top-10 pitcher again.
Fantasy questions:
— What happens to Chris Burke? A year ago, this guy was going to be the NL’s top rookie, a 40-steal second baseman with some pop. Has anything changed? It sure has. Burke never really got that chance last season. Outfield liability Craig Biggio was moved back to second base, and Burke actually became the left fielder, but in a platoon. He didn’t hit, he didn’t run, he didn’t win Rookie of the Year. I’d guess Burke is worked into the lineup in the outfield and up the middle occasionally for Biggio and Adam Everett, and if he hits, he’ll play. His numbers from 2005 tell us nothing.
— Does Preston Wilson have anything left? There’s no question Wilson still has power. He hit 25 home runs last year, 15 of them for the Rockies and the rest for the Nationals. Now a gun for hire on gimpy knees and with little chance for a good batting average and any stolen bases, Wilson goes to a favorable park, and if he can play 130 games, he could hit 30 home runs. Yeah, there’s something left, but people have to forget the year he hit 36 HRs and drove in 141 RBIs. That was an anomaly. Wilson is really just a 25-90 guy at this point and, with the health risks, is not a top-50 outfielder.
— Can one of the young pitchers emerge? It appears both Wandy Rodriguez and Ezequiel Astacio will find some time in the rotation. Both are strikeout guys young enough to improve, but I wouldn’t draft either. Rodriguez had a 5.53 ERA, although it was a capable 4.44 after the All-Star break and he started allowing fewer home runs. Astacio had incredible minor league stats but allowed more home runs per start than even Eric Milton, 23 in only 81 innings. Now that’s hard to do. Neither can be relied on yet.

LSU vs. USC: Score one for the idiots.
There seems to be a new rule. If you are an LSU fan, you don’t like USC.

Chalk it up to an inferiority complex, jealousy or the ever-present desire to poke a finger in the eye of your “rival.”

I found onepeat.com humorous. And I’m not surprised the Trojans want to respond. But now the whole thing is turning stupid – “Idiocy turns humor in to intimidation”

One Response to “A Plethora of Sports Notes: "Jefe, what is a plethora?"”

  1. Michael Lasley Says:

    Olympics — boring. Does anyone actually understand how events are “scored”? The racing against the clock ones?

    I loved the LSU / USC sites. The whole USC-not-winning-the-BCS-national-title thing seems to be completely forgotten. There’s not an asterick next to it or anything, that I recall. I do wonder about how LSU would have been had Saben stuck around. Or how USC would be if they played in an SEC-like conference.

    Go Cards! Although I hope the Astros do well — just because I like the rivalry. (For that matter, I hope the Cards do well to keep up the rivalry.)

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