Picture of the Day


It is supposed to be the coldest night of the year tonight in Ocean Springs, though that only means lows in the upper 20s. Still, it has me dreaming of blue skies & baseball.

This picture is from Ameriquest field in Arlington on a hot summer’s day in 2004.


5 Responses to “Picture of the Day”

  1. DeJon Redd Says:

    Here’s a shameless plug…

    I met a good friend while deployed to Kyrgyzstan. He’s an impressive young fellow. His family owns a fancy little steak joint in Seattle, and collaborated with a not-so-small coffee joint for the best cup of joe I’ve ever had.

    Anyhoo … My friend is striking out on his own outside of his family business. He chose pictures over steaks.

    I’m especially proud of his work on our deployment—lots of good memories.
    Check it out – http://www.canlisphotography.com

  2. Al Sturgeon Says:

    How cool!!!

    (And glad to see everyone clothed during the poker game.)

  3. Capt MidKnight Says:

    Your friend the photographer has real talent. I liked the shots of airplanes – especially the head on of the C-130 “Herk.” I guess it’s probably an “H” model. Back in a past life, I flew “E” Models for a living for a few years.
    I recognized the old KC-135 with the new tubofan engines and the World Airways MD-11 too.
    Neat pictures!

    Capt MidKnight

  4. DeJon Redd Says:

    Capt M — I really enjoyed my deployed time. I was the PA Bubba, and my buddy’s photo talent came in quite handy. (Our resident contractors responsible for photography had an “interesting” work ethic. Most of Brian’s K-stan pics were taken for our public affairs effort as a favor.)

    The a/c you spotted summed up our purpose for being. 135s gassed up the dudes killing Taliban, the MD-11’s brought them in from the states and C-130s (and 17s) took them the rest of the way.

    Our wing king was a C-130 dude. You don’t know Brad Pray do you?

    All the best,

  5. Capt MidKnight Says:

    Sorry, I don’t know the fellow you mentioned. By now, all the guys I served with are either retired or dead or in the “Old Pilot’s Home.”
    I was active duty from 1967 till January 1973 – C-130s with the 64th TAS (Tactical Airlift Squadron) mostly at Little Rock AFB.
    Everything is reorganized now. Back then, Tactical Air Command owned all the Tactical Airlift (C-130s or “Trash Haulers”), and was run by fighter pilots, who never quite understood that dropping a 10,000lb pallet or a bunch of paratroopers on an IP was a little different than putting iron bombs on a target – more an art than a science.

    I remember when some of the old KC-135s got retrofitted with the fan engines, which are about twice as big around as the old straight jets. The first ones I saw had engine covers with their new slogan on them – “Mine’s bigger than your’s.” Trust a bunch of pilots to come up with a sexual double entendre.

    I used to instruct in the 130 at Little Rock. It is one of the truly classic aircraft designs of the 20th Century. The last 20 years, I spent flying DC-10s, the earlier version of the MD-11. Just a cargo version of your KC-10.

    Kyrgyzstan sounds like a real garden spot.

    Capt MidKnight

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