Goodbye to a Grand Old Lady


A few weeks ago I asked you to share the reasons you take photographs. One popular reason is to record history, so last weekend I put on my historian’s cap and traveled to see the St. Louis Cardinals play in Busch Stadium one last time.
For those of you who are not baseball fans, the Cards have been at Busch since 1966 and I have been traveling there nearly annually, some years multiple times, for the last 25 years. At the end of the season, Busch Stadium will be imploded to make room for the new stadium that is being build just a stone’s throw away. The outfield fence of the new stadium will be where the right field foul pole is in the current Busch Stadium. It really is that close.
This last trip was more to document history rather than the see the Cardinals beat the Mets (but they did!) It was time to photograph everything that makes Busch Stadium, well, Busch Stadium. If you are not a Cardinal fan and you never visited Busch Stadium, I’m sorry you were not able to experience the thrill of the game and all the atmosphere that creates a great memory.

You can go to to see pictures of the new stadium.

So, we say goodbye to a Grand Old Lady.

One Response to “Goodbye to a Grand Old Lady”

  1. Coolhand Says:

    Though Busch came out in the cookie-cutter era, it was turned into a really nice stadium. Of course, the new place should be a fitting home for the best fans in baseball.

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