Happy Birthday, Al!


Tomorrow is Al’s birthday, so in the midst of congratulating him on his heroic efforts at home concerning the hurricane relief, I would like to wish him a Happy Birthday! I for one am extremely glad he and his family are still around to enjoy it.

Tomorrow is also my birthday, and I say that not to get birthday wishes, but to complain about how old I feel. I guess, I must be grieving this birthday for some reason, because I have had a head cold all week. It is almost so bad I can’t even enjoy my birthday rituals. Although, I am also glad that I am still around to enjoy them.

Age—it gets you in the end no matter how old you are.

I thought I would just take a moment today to tell you about a book I heard about on “Oprah” called, You The Owners Manual—And Insider’s Guide to the Body That Will Make You Healthier and Younger. It was written by one of my favorite famous doctors, Mehmet Oz, MD (and also by Michael Roizen, MD).

Dr. Oz was also down in New Orleans helping save people and babies right after the hurricane hit. He said he had seen a lot of death in his day, but that nothing compared to the horrors he saw down there. It changed him.

Tragedies do change us. We almost always wait for a tragedy to strike before we open up to change. I guess, that is just the way of life.

But as far as our health goes, let’s all make a pack to begin changing today, before some illness makes us change. Check out a copy of Dr. Oz’s book or whatever book you are drawn to and just take one step towards becoming healthier.

I plan to take my step towards health right after I get over this head cold:). Take care.

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