Fasting and Prayer


I know it is not my day to post, but I thought this would be an invitation to all who would like to participate.

There are a few of us here in Tucson, Arizona, that fast on Wednesdays and come together to pray instead of eating lunch.

I know some reading do not have a lot of disposable income to help the relief effort for the hurricane victims, but here is a chance for everyone to do something.

I would invite anyone who is able to fast for 24 hours (from after supper today until supper tomorrow) and donate the money you would have spent for food to the relief effort. I would also encourage you to spend what would be your normal lunch hour in prayer for those hit by the hurricane.

There are two outlets for helping people. One is through this website Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort and the other is by sending donations to help Al’s congregation specifically to:

Helen Sturgeon
c/o 7th & Mueller Church of Christ
1000 S. 7th St.
Paragould, AR 72450

I’m sure there are other ways to contribute as well, and the comment board could be a good clearing house for posting ways to contribute.

Even if you do not have money or are not able to fast, please pray for those affected by this disaster.


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