I Got Nothing…


I’ve got baseball on the brain and can’t concentrate long enough to write an article that has any coherent thought behind it. My wife and I are about to embark on a baseball bonanza, going to six Astros games over the next seven days. The tickets to the LA series and our hotel in LA are my anniversary presents. Do I have a wonderful wife or what?

Anyway… There’s been a lot in the news about border control. The U.S./Mexican border situation is dangerously close to getting out of hand. Here’s a scary story about happenings in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. This is not happening deep in the Mexican interior or in some far off banana republic. This is happening right on our border!


5 Responses to “I Got Nothing…”

  1. Whitney Says:

    I agree that your wife is amazing. You are very lucky to have her.

  2. Al Sturgeon Says:

    Yes, your wife is wonderful. Almost as wonderful as mine, but not quite.

  3. Michael Lasley Says:

    If it weren’t your anniversary, I’d offer to let you take me to dinner whilst your in L.A., Joe. But I don’t do anniversaries. As for border control. I have a feeling we disagree about this on some level, but respectfully, I’m sure. I guess when I hear Protecting Our Border, it always makes me wonder: From whom or what, who is we, and what’s the line between protecting and discriminating. In one quick skim of the article, the writer does seem to make a distinction that America needs to protect itself against the drug-lords. But a lot of the “protection” rhetoric seems to lump people and things together.

  4. Joe Longhorn Says:


    I think “controlling” the border is a more appropriate term than “protecting.”

    I read an article yesterday that as many as 4000 people a night cross the border illegally, in Arizona alone.

    I know that there are a lot of sad stories on the south side of the border and a lot of success stories north of the border. We can’t ignore the humanitarian aspect of the border crisis.

    On the other hand, the current situation does nothing to hold the Mexican government accountable. The Mexican government loves the fact that the U.S. bears so much of the cost of illegal immigration. Those are citizens that the government in Mexico City no longer has to worry about, but at the same time, the Mexican economy catches a windfall as money is sent back home to family members in Mexico. It is estimated that $13B a year is sent from immigrants working in the U.S. back to their families in Mexico.

    Our house is 6 miles from the border. I have several friends that work in the Border Patrol. This is an issue that is literally close to home for me. I’m not saying that immigration should not be allowed. This country was built by immigrants. We’ve just got to find a way to control it better.

  5. Michael Lasley Says:

    You have a good point, Joe. It is very easy for me to talk about illegal immigration because I don’t live near the border. And I do think “control” is a better word that “Protect”, but protect is more often used, it seems to me. You have a good point about the Mexican government and their not worrying about the issue too much. I guess I can’t get the idea that our government and economic dominance in the world has somehow made us responsible for illegal immigration, on some level. Our government has, in my opinion, done a very poor job of regulating our industries when they export jobs to other countries. So, in short, I agree that there needs to be better control, but I think it needs to go both ways, that we need to not just look at the 4,000 illegal immigrants crossing into Arizona each day, but also look at the problems that cause this type of immigration and see if there is some sort of responsibility we might bear for the problem, rather than laying the blame solely on Mexico (which you in no way did, but many on the “right” seem to sound like that).

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