Photo(s) of the Week


(from Dr. David Watson)

(from Al Sturgeon)

LAST WEEK’S TOPIC: “Famous Landmarks”

THE PHOTOS: The first photo comes from Dr. David Watson at the Lincoln Memorial. The second photo comes from me at the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery.INTRODUCING… Dr. David Watson is just about my best friend ever. He is also an awesome photographer who knows a million times more about photography than I do. I have asked him to join me as a contributor on Saturdays. I will be out of pocket next week, so Dave will have the column all to himself on the 20th. Afterwards, it could be he or I or both when you check in on Saturdays.

THE PLAN: Since I’ve just added Dave to the mix, and since I want to give him total leeway for next week, let me give everyone a couple of weeks for the next contest (Everyone? So far, that means Dave and I!). Let’s go with the emotional subject “Joy” for our next topic. Send in your best picture of that theme to me at I’d also be happy to hear any comments, advice, or even suggestions for future topics.

LINK: To view all of Al’s favorite pictures from his personal collection, visit


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