Baseball bliss


Two of my favorite things came together perfectly on Sunday. Baseball and the Texas Longhorns.
How about those Horns? As a die-hard orangeblood, this was a great weekend. It was even better for me since the player I rooted for the most ended up being the CWS Outstanding player. Indulge me for a sec and see if you can follow this:

Texas 3rd baseman, David Maroul, is my wife’s sister-in-law’s first cousin.

Does that count as two or three degrees of separation? I’m not sure. But what it boils down to is that even though I’ve never met him, there was enough of a connection for me to take a greater interest in his play.

This guy is the NCAA baseball version of Big Shot Bob. He’s a very good defensive 3B, who barely holds his own with the bat during the regular season. Then he blossoms in the post-season. In 2004, he hit 2 HR in the regular season, but had 2 HR in the Big 12 tourney and another HR against Georgia in a CWS semi-final game that the Horns eventually won.

Fast-forward to 2005. He had another offensively lackluster regular season with a .243 average. Surely he wouldn’t have another post-season like 2004. He didn’t. He was even better this year. He went a combined 8-for-16 (.500) with three runs scored, two home runs and a team-best eight RBI over UT’s five CWS contests. That’s just sick.

It was a blast to watch, and I hope he can keep it up and make it to the big leagues. He’ll be the only SF Giant (23rd round pick) that I’ll ever root for.

Congrats Horns, and congrats David!

If you want something that you can disagree with, check my comments to Al’s Sunday post.


2 Responses to “Baseball bliss”

  1. DeJon Redd Says:

    Harold Reynolds makes it seem like Maroul is already Brooks Robinson.

    Congrats on your ‘horns win. But I wouldn’t mind if Augie retired!

  2. Al Sturgeon Says:

    Congrats on the tourney victory. As a lifelong Razorback, I’m more upset about this column than your comments to my Sunday post.

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