Take two: Grinding an axe


I’ve voted (2 to 1) to post twice today. Why the debate? Well the matter is personal. I find it much safer to discuss a fight in which I have no dog. But this one made me down right mad. The two links here provide a telling view of two decidedly different newspapers.

While Arizona is overwhelmingly a blue state, Tucson is the haven for liberally minded Arizonans (God bless ’em.) The larger Tucson newspaper (in terms of readership) doesn’t like the military and for someone in my business it makes life “interesting.” Enter my first evidence of what is IMHO truly poor journalism (if for nothing else see one of the dumbest quotes ever uttered by your humble contributor, and you may be shocked to know there was much more said and cut.)

To see the real news which readers of the Arizona Daily Star didn’t see read the same issue from a better newspaper.

May your weekend be sunny and mild.


2 Responses to “Take two: Grinding an axe”

  1. Whitney Says:

    Laughing SO hard right now.
    Do you need Joe to send you some two-ply from NAB Coronado?

  2. DeJon Redd Says:

    Oh yeah — This one’s getting framed.

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