This Is Not Funny


The title of this post reflects the fact that this is NOT Wednesday Housefly. This is Al, the Sunday Housefly, trying to rile up the masses to demand his return.

Okay Wednesday, we get the Dave Chappelle impersonation, and we truly sympathize with the internal madness that must be the plight of comic geniuses such as the two of you – but we really need you back.

If all the readers would comment on this matter and share the love, MAYBE we can get him back. Maybe this could become something akin to the ONE campaign. We’ll sign petitions, buy bracelets, get Brad Pitt and the ghost of Sonny Bono to tour the world on our behalf.

Let the chanting begin… “We want Wednesday Housefly, we want Wednesday Housefly…”

Truthfully, I don’t think our massive readership tunes in to read me misquoting Scripture, or hear Joe/Juvenal debate the future of fossil fuels, or listen to Mikey’s adventures in auto repair shops in New England, or even DeJon’s adventures in Keriewuroiewojwistan. Plus, perish the thought, some aren’t even sports fans.

We are here to learn of breakfast cereals and the Sugar Frosted Council and laugh… And we cannot survive much longer…

So add your comments, folks. Both of you. We need Wednesday Housefly to know how much he is missed…


5 Responses to “This Is Not Funny”

  1. Joe Longhorn Says:

    We want Wednesday Housefly!

    By the way… just got an e-mail from Salma Hayek yesterday. That’s right Sal.Ma.Hay.Ek. I’ll try to exert my new-found influence over fellow A-listers and enlist her help on the “We Want Wednesday Housefly” campaign.

  2. juvenal_urbino Says:

    Write yer friggin’ column, Wednesday. Douche bag.

  3. DeJon Redd Says:

    Once, I was near an emotional collapse. But the humor of Wednesday’s column gave me hope.

    Ever since I’ve looked forward to this column as my most anticipated part of the week. I would hate to hear that my hope was gone forever.

    A four-year old orphan.

  4. Michael Lasley Says:

    Knowing that Wednesday really has nothing better to do than write a single post each week, I somehow find it humorous each Friday when I check to see that Wednesday hasn’t posted. I think he’s almost as funny in absence as in presence. He’s that funny. But we could all use some funnies, Wednesday. C’mon. Mikey

  5. wedfly Says:

    Pretty funny stuff.

    Mikey, a seven-line comment is pretty strenuous stuff. Did you have to TAKE A NAP before finishing?


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