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April 9, 2005

Does the name Greg Craig ring a bell?
Bill Clinton?
Yes, Greg Craig was Bill Clinton’s criminal attorney during the impeachment procedings.

And now he’s Kofi Annan’s criminal lawyer according to NewsMax.

NewsMax has learned that U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan has privately retained the services of celebrated Washington criminal defense attorney Greg Craig. The Annan move was first disclosed in a filing with the Paul Volcker panel released last month. The fomer Fed chairman currently heads an “independent” investigation into the activities of the scandal plagued U.N.-Iraq Oil-for-Food Program.

Of course that does not mean he’s a criminal or has committed a crime. But I think it demonstrates a level of worry over the Volker panel results that weren’t there previously. As extensive as the Oil-for-Food corruption seems, and the fact that his son was an active participant, it might be a good move to get Greg Craig on your side if you’re Kofi Annan.
But Annan says he did nothing wrong.

“Annan says he has no responsibility. Everybody is responsible but him. He is no longer believable to us,” said an angry longtime U.N. staffer.

Uh, well, there you go. To the “longtime UN staffer” and for the record, its not playing very well in my mind either.

The College of Cardinals has set the 18th of April for the beginning of the Conclave to elect a new Pope.
Meanwhile, looking at the futures markets, Tradesports has open contracts on the leading contenders to replace Pope John Paul II.

1. Dionigi Tettamanzi: Italy. Archbishop of Milan. 68 years old. John Paul II recently appointed him Archbishop of Milan, replacing Cardinal Martini, an act some perceived as a hint from the pope to pick him.

2. Francis Arinze: Nigeria. Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. 70 Years old. Cardinal Ratzinger, the Vatican’s theology watchdog, says, the election of an African pope “would be a positive sign for the whole of Christendom”. Also, his last name sounds Italian. Always a plus.

3. Oscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga: Honduras. Archbishop of Tegucigalpa. 58 Years old. Young, would have, presumably, a lengthy papacy. Views very similar to JPII, albeit with a Central American touchiness about the US and colonialism.

4. Claudio Hummes: Brazil. Archbishop of Sao Paolo. 70 years old. Comes from the largest Catholic country in the world, and might help South American catholicism stem the tide of Christians moving toward more evangelical versions of protestantism in South America.

5. Josef Ratzinger: Germany. Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. 75 years old. Perhaps the most revered prelate, scholar, theologian, teacher and Catholic author of our time.

If I was purchasing a contract, I’d buy Arinze. I think the idea of having another African pope, especially with the Church’s growth in Africa, will be attractive to a lot of Cardinals, and would be symbolic of the universality of the Church. I might drop a few bucks on a Maradiaga contract, too, because his relative youth offers the promise of stability for some time.

However, if you saw my NCAA Tournament bracket, you wouldn’t put much stock in my pick. (Geaux LSU)

On a recent trip, I happened on an interview between U.S. reporters and two A-10 pilots. Back home I am assigned to an A-10 unit, and truly enjoy working around the professional pilots that implement the A-10 as the ultimate tool of death and destruction … (Sorry, that’s our niche in the market.) But given that “flexibility is the key to Airpower” (a true but trite axiom in our business), the expert A-10 pilots at Bagram Air Base Afghanistan (a location famous for the newly minted Pat Tillman USO) used new technology to save Afghani villagers from torrential flood waters.

A-10s prove combat capabilities can save lives

This story has been covered, but I thought some images showing the tunnels would be good. a 20 year-old U.S. Airmen sniffed out the ploy of insurgents held in southern Iraq. Camp Bucca has been in the news, but never for good news. Recent stories include a topless, mudwrestling event featuring female U.S. Soldiers, and a more recent prison riot – So this is the closest thing to good news out of Bucca –

Iraqi prison break averted