Changes, Changes, Changes…


My original intent was to have seven different columnists, but after number seven fell through on multiple occasions, I took two housefly days so we could get started. It’s time, however, to go back to Plan A.

Joe Fauth, a regular DH reader/commentator, will relieve me of my Monday column to add his politically conservative voice to the magazine’s regular fare.

I know, I know, you couldn’t wait for my next interview, but the truth is that I was going to have to pass on today’s column anyway. Finding original interviews isn’t as easy as I had originally thought, so you’ll just have to get over it!

I’ll let Joe introduce himself and what he will do more fully all by himself. He’s a cool guy.

So for now…

SUNDAYS: Al Sturgeon on Religion
MONDAYS: Joe Fauth on Conservative Politics
TUESDAYS: Trent Austin (aka Juvenal Urbino) from the Liberal Political Angle
WEDNESDAYS: Mike Lasley on Books
THURSDAYS: Andy Dunham on Sports
FRIDAYS: The Artist Formerly Known as Wednesday Housefly on Crack
SATURDAYS: DeJon Redd, from the other side of the world, on World News



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