Discovering the World Through People


by Al Sturgeon
(published every Monday in “Desperate Houseflies”)

Al Sturgeon: New Blogger

Al Sturgeon is a husband, father, son, and brother. He is also a preacher who is soon to publish a book and ask you to purchase it. He is a former high school teacher and coach. He has also started two different Habitat for Humanity affiliates. That’s about it. Recently, he agreed to sit down with himself for the first interview ever on “Desperate Houseflies.” Here’s what happened:

DH: Who are you, and why should anyone care?
STURGEON: I’m sorry to be such a bad interview, but I don’t have good answers for either one of those questions. Can you make them a bit easier?

DH: Okay, let’s try it this way: why should anyone take the time to read what you or your fellow writers on this blog write?
STURGEON: Now that’s an excellent question, although I don’t have a good answer for that one either. I would say, though, that these “other” writers are pretty cool guys. They aren’t famous or anything, but what they write should definitely be entertaining.

DH: So the truth is that you couldn’t get anyone famous to agree to do this with you?
STURGEON: Pretty much. I was close to having someone somewhat famous be a part of this magazine, though. Originally, my friend, Jon, who plays lead guitar for LeAnn Rimes considered writing a weekly music column. He was too busy, though.

DH: Well, who are these non-famous writers that did agree to be contributors?
STURGEON: Well, the Tuesday Housefly who will write about politics is my friend Trent. He will make a lot of people who like me mad by what he will write, but I think he is brilliant. (Note to these aforementioned friends: Either don’t read on Tuesdays if you’re easily upset, or if you are brave enough, engage Trent in conversation). The Wednesday Housefly humorist doesn’t want his name mentioned, mostly so he won’t get fired for what the Tuesday Housefly might write. Thankfully, as the humor columnist, he is funny. The Thursday Housefly is my friend, Andy, who is in law school in Houston. He will write about sports. He will use his real name because he will soon be able to sue your pants off if you fire him for something someone else writes. Our Friday Housefly is Mikey, our book review specialist. He is in grad school at Syracuse, and like all grad school students, doesn’t need to protect his identity yet. The Saturday Housefly is my friend, DeJon, who is serving our country in the Air Force. He is currently in a former Soviet Republic that uses no vowels in its name. He will keep us informed of world news. I will be both the Sunday Housefly (writing on religion) and Monday Housefly (profiling people like this).

DH: You’re writing on religion?
STURGEON: Yeah, I know. I was my own fourth choice, but I grew tired of waiting. I am a preacher, though. I should be able to come up with something.

DH: And why a day dedicated to profiling people?
STURGEON: Well, I have a vested interest in people – seeing that I am one and all. I think “people” are the most interesting topics. I don’t intend on this area being a predictable one. I’ll interview people from all sorts of perspectives. I may get all “reality-show-ish” and do some strange things myself to get an interview. Plus, I’ll be open to suggestions.

DH: You mean the readers can make suggestions and you guys may actually pay attention?
STURGEON: Yeah, I mean…why not? Hey, maybe that’s a reason worth reading.

DH: Where would the readers file their complaints if one of you forgets to post an article one day, or if their suggestions are ignored?
STURGEON: You could tell your spouse or significant other about it. Or your dog. Maybe you could journal or something. Hey, tell Andy. He’s going to be a lawyer.

DH: I’ve got to ask the question. Where did you come up with the name “Desperate Houseflies?”
STURGEON: We were trying to come up with a cool name, so I brought up several in an attempt to spur the rest of the group’s creativity. This was one of those names. It turns out that we aren’t very creative, so this is what we ended up using.

DH: So there’s no hidden meaning or significance to it?
STURGEON: C’mon, don’t take us that seriously.

DH: Thanks for your time!
STURGEON: Hey, no problem. My time is your time…

Note: This weekly column will introduce you, the reader, to all kinds of people. In addition to welcoming comments on each profile, your suggestions are welcomed, too. I’m open to chasing down as best I can all sorts of folks who can shed some light on any type of profession, hobby, lifestyle, cause, interest, or question that you may be interested in. Of course, any contact information for interesting and/or famous people you know personally would be welcomed in private email as well. Be sure to check back each Monday!


5 Responses to “Discovering the World Through People”

  1. JD Says:

    Hey! Great job! I’m looking forward to reading each day!

  2. Gary Says:

    Wow, this looks like a lot of fun. Then again, it could be another of those cool ideas that turn mundane and boring, hanging on for a while just waiting on someone to kill it. Either way it will be interesting.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I am SOOOOOO SOOOO SOOOO looking forward to reading what ya’ll have to say. Just reading the first article has made me want to get on everyday. Mr. Al it was gggrreeaaattt to hear from you. This is your favorite person ever Ms. Brittany Smith “the best”

  4. Al Sturgeon Says:

    Hey Brittany! So good to hear from you! How’s the western part of the United States?

    Hey, give me some cool ideas for interviews – I’m gonna need the help. When you’re in town, I’ll have to interview you – couldn’t be a more interesting person around!

  5. Steve Says:

    Al, can you say “schizophrenia”…? You are funny too; and i loved the first post.

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